5 Indispensable things to do in Barcelona

When you are traveling one of your main objectives is to take the most advantage of the time to be sure you haven’t missed anything important when you are back home. And, yes, we know that it’s too complicated, but here you have our list of not ordinary “things to do in Barcelona”.

Stroll to discover the city, Barcelona even though is a big city but is well organized what makes the walk down the streets easier.  Don’t forget about neighborhoods like Horta or Sant Andreu unknown for most of tourist, but it is Barcelona you probably will never know. Also it could be a great idea to rent a bike and make a route by Barceloneta. Or just forget about a map in your hands and just go where your eyes are looking on, turn the corner you want not your planed route point you.

Rambla Fabra I Puig


Discover Picasso’s favorite places when he was a young guy. Walking down the street of Reina Christina and then cross to the number 3 of Calle de la Mercé and see where his family lived, even though the building was destroyed. If you need to make a stop along the way, get close to Els 4 Gats, a place where artists of that time gathered to make a social gatherings, dinners and meetings of art.


Go up to Montjuïc to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Barcelona. It’s a perfect place as for a walk as for a picnic with your friends rounded with a nature and spectacular city views. You also can walk around the gardens of Laribal, designed by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier.

And finally, get to know more about the history, we think it helps to know better the city and understand personality of people. Barcelona is full of diverse cultures and heritages and each step you take on by its streets you’ll stumble with some vestige.

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