9 Modernist itineraries out of Barcelona

modernismeNear Barcelona you will find many examples of Modernism ( Catalan Art Nuveau ) architecture which the great figures of this movement disseminated throughout Catalonia and quite especially in the areas near the capital. Indeed, you will find countless manifestations of this ttal art, from the works of the great Gaudí to folk application of Modernisme. Summer houses – some of them authentic palaces-, urban dwellings or romantic gardens mix with factories and service buildings.

1. Sitges in the times of modernism

2. Terrassa, industrial and modernist

3. The Modernism in the Alt Penedès. A tour through the vineyards.

4. Summer resort Modernism in the Vallès Oriental.

5. Manresa: Modernismo y Art Déco

6. Maresme:Maresme: the legacy of Domènech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch.

7. Art Berguedà:Modernism in Nature

8. Baix Llobregat: from Gaudí to popular Modernism.

9. Reus: the town of Gaudí

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