A Secret of Calle Avinyó or a shopping with a history

Curious and Eclectic Avinyó Street of Barcelona is a place where you can find everything from the coolest to the more provincial style. Open your eyes wider and enjoy all that this street gives you.

A mixture of styles, environments, people, for us and for the most local people, this street is one of those that most represents what is Barcelona: Cosmopolitan, provincial, modern, traditional, tourism, fashion, loud, quiet, with adjectives we could go on up to infinity.

The Carrer Avinyó is an oldest street in the center of Barcelona, ​​running from the carrer de Ferran, on the right side of the Las Ramblas if you look at the map, up to the sea and the neighborhood of Maremágnum. It is a narrow street, the typical medieval street with the glued each other houses. Going down this street, you go through many points of interest. The history says that Picasso’s famous painting, “the ladies d’Avinyó” was inspired by a brothel situated in this street.

El Gran Café

You go through a lot of nice bars, modernist restaurant The Grand Cafe, and dozens of clothing stores for fashion, design, disc … It is a very lively place. Halfway up the street, you will pass by the square of Veronica, marked by the beautiful monument of art school. It’s a walk through Barcelona’s interesting past.

If you have passion for espadrille during summer time, make a note and don’t forget to enter inside the espadrille paradise called La Manual Alpargatera (carrer Avinyó, 7). The unique store of its kind that began as sandals or espadrilles workshop in the early twentieth century and has combined the ancient artisan tradition with current fashion trends without forgetting the quality.

Le Fortune


Then pass by Le Fortune shop, glam vintage and designer clothes would better define this clothing, jewelry and accessories store in Avinió Street. This shop has a Parisian style definitely! It’s the first thing you think when you see the showcase worthy of a Parisian boutique. If you like the vintage style and retro but you’re tired of the shops and markets of second-hand clothes that smell like grandma closet; of course Le Fortune is your store.

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