A walk with a taste of sea – Port Vell

If walking around the old port of Barcelona you notice a salty smell, you see lots of balconies with just hanged up clothes and small bars where the rich smell of paella attract you, sure that you’re at Barceloneta beach. And no doubt this zone is the favorite one between thousands of tourists who comes visit the city of sun and happiness.


Are you ready for a long walk by the cost with us? Thanks to the great location of our hotel you have a Port Vell and Barceloneta in two steps literally. So, let’s start the route at Drassanes where the major, the unique and complete medieval shipyard is situated. Actually is a Maritime Museum where very interesting stories could be discovered. Continuing the route to the beach is indispensable to make a stop at Rambla de Mar. There is a small bridge that divides a big sea port with authentic kings of the sea and a small yacht club.  It’s a perfect place where you can stay reading a book or simply eating ice-cream and admiring landscapes (especially sunset). For the impatient ladies it could be interesting to have a quick walk by Maremagnum shopping mall.

For those who travel with little creatures we strongly recommend you L’Aquàrium. Sharks are the stars in the Aquarium, and it’s the largest aquarium that represents a Mediterranean world. 35 acuariums, eleven thousand copies of 450 different species, an underwater 80 meters tunnel and an immense Oceanarium make this center a real performance and a reference for the whole family entertainment.

Finally we’re on our way to Barceloneta so typical maritime neighborhood with a small square and lots of bars. Where actually you could make a stop and drink a fresh beer with any tapas you want. Surely a kind waiter will offer you a bomb, but no worries this one is a meat-type. Barceloneta offers you a wide range of activities as for young people so for the families with children.


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