Weekend plans: Business and Pleasure in Barcelona

Hi dear guest, here we are again with the latest news of what is happening in Barcelona. This week we take thought about people who come to Barcelona not just for tourism, also we think about our guests who come for a business trip. So, we took a note about one very interesting exhibitions that actually could be interesting for both groups. Let’s start!


Are you a dreamer? And are you looking for an unforgettable travel experience? So this international Tourism show is a good chance to find some new friends or colleagues and partners, new experience and don’t miss gastronomic activities or for example a sailing in Mediterranean sea.

It’s a great opportunity to find a trip that you couldn’t resist like a Japan. Also you can join an everyday talk about a Japan culture or Cuban flavor. So, will you miss it? Among others events and activities we stand out one that is really impressive. Surely you know a famous series A Game of Thrones, so The Croatian Tourist Information Office will give a speech about why Croatia is one of the best places for filming and they’ll reveal the place where the series was filming.

It’s a unique opportunity, and well, before leaving don’t forget to pass by D.O. Somontano wine tasting (with prior registration).

Have a great time!

A walk with a taste of sea – Port Vell

If walking around the old port of Barcelona you notice a salty smell, you see lots of balconies with just hanged up clothes and small bars where the rich smell of paella attract you, sure that you’re at Barceloneta beach. And no doubt this zone is the favorite one between thousands of tourists who comes visit the city of sun and happiness.


Are you ready for a long walk by the cost with us? Thanks to the great location of our hotel you have a Port Vell and Barceloneta in two steps literally. So, let’s start the route at Drassanes where the major, the unique and complete medieval shipyard is situated. Actually is a Maritime Museum where very interesting stories could be discovered. Continuing the route to the beach is indispensable to make a stop at Rambla de Mar. There is a small bridge that divides a big sea port with authentic kings of the sea and a small yacht club.  It’s a perfect place where you can stay reading a book or simply eating ice-cream and admiring landscapes (especially sunset). For the impatient ladies it could be interesting to have a quick walk by Maremagnum shopping mall.

For those who travel with little creatures we strongly recommend you L’Aquàrium. Sharks are the stars in the Aquarium, and it’s the largest aquarium that represents a Mediterranean world. 35 acuariums, eleven thousand copies of 450 different species, an underwater 80 meters tunnel and an immense Oceanarium make this center a real performance and a reference for the whole family entertainment.

Finally we’re on our way to Barceloneta so typical maritime neighborhood with a small square and lots of bars. Where actually you could make a stop and drink a fresh beer with any tapas you want. Surely a kind waiter will offer you a bomb, but no worries this one is a meat-type. Barceloneta offers you a wide range of activities as for young people so for the families with children.


The Antique Modernist Hospital converts into I+D center of Barcelona

Probably you even haven’t idea what we are talking about. Even though Sant Pau Hospital is a famous modernist and artistic “pearl” and not everyone who comes to Barcelona knows about it. Close to the temple of Sagrada Familia, just in 10 minutes walking up the Gaudi Avenue you can find an authentic beauty as Sant Pau Hospital is.


During 4 years this building was under construction when hundreds persons were working hard to get back its architectural origins. Thanks to all those magic transformations, the Modernist enclosure became a new point of reference in the city of Barcelona which as well coexist history and innovation.

A new version of Sant Pau Hospital will represent a new center of knowledge, research and development in health, sustainability and education, institutions and leading companies in these fields to work on shared initiatives.

Within the new modernist center will be some centers like: the United Nations University (UNU), World Health Organization (WHO), the European Forest Institute (EFI), the Àsia Home, Network World Water Operators (GWOPA), the Resilient Cities Programme of UN-Habitat and the Global University Network for Global Innovation (GUNI).

And the most important for you and us as the fact this part of Sant Pau Hospital will also be open to tourist visits in a range between 8 and 14 Euros for visit and free for locals.

So don’t miss it in your next trip to Barcelona.

Calçotada an onion party or curios Catalan traditions

You probably think “ooh, those Catalans are crazy people” celebrating onion party. But you can’t imagine how good is this meal with a combination of special sauce “romesco” and some barbeque. Let’s see how it works and where can you try this delicious dish.


The importance of this tradition is so big that the most of restaurants over Tarragona area would not survive without the spring onion parties. Almost 300,000 people annually pilgrimage to the region. Imagine if only one restaurant may only get to cook in a season more than 200,000 chives.

The basis of Calçotada is a tender, sweet and white onion roasted and served with romesco sauce. The season of Calçots is from February to March and you can try it in the most of restaurants.  Usually it’s a special menu including onions, sausages, grilled meats, wine and desserts.

This tradition has a little over 100 years, Xat Benaiges, a farmer from Valls village (Tarragona), was first who roasted spring onions on a flaming fire instead of doing it over the coals. Nobody knows if it was as the result of a brilliant idea or a mistake in feeding the fire. Whatever it was, Xat peeled onions charred end and unwittingly invented calçot and a gastronomic festival that now attracts thousands of tourists and equally fascinates tourists and locals.

Don’t miss it; you still have one month and a half to try it. In Barcelona you can find some restaurants, but we strongly recommend you find a place somewhere in a small village like la Ermita de Brugués Restaurant situated in Gava (Barcelona). Or if you want to go straight to the place where it was born so book restaurant Masia  Bou in Valls.