Best Arabian restaurants in Barcelona

As you probably may know Barcelona is one of that cities where you can find all kind of gastronomy easily. We’ve mostly talked about Mediterranean food, what is a typical here, but we would like show you more options. So today we’re going to talk about a very special but so tasty Arabian gastronomy. Arab cuisine is the set of cuisines belonging to Arab countries, including all the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and countries of North Africa. The Arab cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean cuisine with some Indian gastronomic characteristics, especially in the use of spices. Arab cuisine is a rich combination of diverse cultures intermingled by a common language, where is incorporated exotic Lebanese cuisine, the rigor and simplicity of the Maghreb and exogenous elements such as spices of India and Iran. And all those magical flavors you can find in Barcelona as well.


 Abou Khalil – probably the best representative of the Arab culinary in Barcelona. The restaurant with a typical Lebanese cuisine that was born in 1983 and after 30 year this place still keeps its best traditions. During these years the restaurant has adapted to the taste of Spanish people as well, especially those who doesn’t like raw garlic or too much lemon. Once you at Abou Khalil, it’s recommendable to start with mazza, a set of dishes as a starter. Hummus (chickpea puree), bitigam (mashed eggplant), kibbi (beef croquette), falafel (vegetable), taboule (meat and parsley salad served on a lettuce leaf, like a pita bread) and may be some treats more. So, if you already want to try it, make a note: C/ Santaló, 88


 The Blai Street is becoming one of the main arteries of Poble Sec neighborhood where you also can find a wide range of dining establishments. La Fibula gives an Arabic touch to the street and the area. You could have a dinner at this classic tearoom with Andalusian décor or just have a cup of their quirky selection of teas and try tipical sweets. C/Blai, 46 – don’t miss it!

New exhibition openings in Barcelona

It’s not a secret Barcelona has a great variety of museums, galleries and art spaces. And it’s been a long time we didn’t mention this kind of activities. For those who tread on the art galleries and museums during the week, especially on Thursday, fans of the openings and challengers of collectors. These are the latest exhibitions to add up to the artistic agenda of Barcelona. Make a note!

post duquesa 1

 Faces & Places

Mitter – the design studio based in Barcelona is known for its colors and fonts and close collaboration with each of the brands and companies they work with. They invite you to visit this exhibition dedicated to the graphic arts and design.

Love & Dead

It’s a trip to the land of death, sensuality and ephemeral made by illustrator Conrad Roset. The walls of Vinçon gallery-shop have served for the new exhibition of this artist who after a figurative stage decomposed bodies, constructed from colored spots.


Silence shapes

Italian photographer Filippo Minelli lands in Barcelona, to be exact in a famous Loewe Gallery. Smoke bombs like those used in demonstrations and political protests are one of the Minelli’s tools; the photographer uses unusual colors and romantic landscapes for these bursts of color infused with violence and silence.

April Fair 2014 came to Barcelona

One of the most important and anticipated events of spring 2014 is the April Fair of Barcelona, also known as April Fair of Catalonia. The Fair takes place this weekend on April, 25 up to May 4th.

Feria de abril barcelona

The April Fair of Barcelona or Catalonia is the local version of the famous April Fair of Seville. It is an event where tradition and love of homeland set the trend of the 10 days of the Fair. A set of stands and attractions are installed in Barcelona, ​​at the Parc del Forum, and thousands of people come to celebrate these days with a typical for Seville style. The April Fair is a festival of color, music, food, dancing and fun. Thanks to that it becomes a cause for annual visit.

One of the main attractions of the April Fair are the booths. The booths are temporarily raised up tents at the fairgrounds, where you can eat, sing and dance a traditional “Sevillian dance“. In fact, many people attending the April Fair dressed up in classical Sevillian dress all day.The environment people live in the April Fair is great for anyone who really loves it. People from the youngest to the older gather in the stands and start dancing sevillanas.

 Public transport is the best option to go to the April Fair, metro, tram or bus will leave you in front of the Forum. Metro: Fórum (L4- Yellow line); Tram T4 line; Buses: 7, 36, 41, 43,141

It’s time to go for a picnic!

With such a good weather you probably are excited to fill a basket with delicious food, snacks and a bottle of wine. It’s not necessary spend money on gasoline to go for a picnic in Barcelona. We are happy to show 3 perfect places to make a picnic.

First and a famous one is a Park of Ciutadella, in the heart of the city close to the beach, to the old town and it’s huge with enough space for everyone who decided to go for a picnic. To prove how big it is, just imagine  that it includes one zoo, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the building of the Parliament of Catalonia, a school, a church, a lake and a kiosk with live music program.


Park Laberint d’Horta is another one unique place for visiting and also nice for a picnic with your friends or family. This historic garden situated in Horta-Guinardó neighborhood is the oldest preserved in the city. The park features a neoclassical garden of the eighteenth century and nineteenth century romantic garden. Besides the maze, the park has other elements such as family palace, fountains, a waterfall and different sculptures with motifs from Greek mythology.

Park of Creueta del Coll was built in 1987 by architects Josep Martorell and David Mackay, in an old quarry. The main attraction of the park is a large lake (the neighbors used to bathe in summer) and a sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, Eulogy to Water.

Have fun in Barcelona and always remember that we’re more than happy to see you in our hotel!