Catalan gastronomic basics

In Catalunya, all kitchens have a terracotta or iron casserole, frying pans , a mortar and pestle to prepare “picades” and sauces , and a set of wooden spoons. The oil and vinegar set is on the table with the Catalan “porró” ( traditional glass pitcher ) .
The “mocador de fer farcells”, a cloth used to wrap everything, now covers de table. The satt cellar is next to the stoves and a pot of parsley is by the sink.

       SOFREGIT  sofregit
Ingredients: onion, ripe tomatoes, olive oil, and salt
    Preparation: Finely chop the onion and place it in a pan heated with olive oil. When the         onion has turned golden brown, add the very finely chopped ripe tomato and a pinch of          salt. Add a tablespoon of water if the mixture goes dry. It mus be cooked down to a                  marmalade-like consistency
Variations: you can add garlic, letting it turn golden brown just before adding the            tomato. For very specific stewed dishes, add pepper soon after the onion.




This consists of pounding different ingredients with a pestle and mortar into a paste which is added to the stew. Garlic, parsley, almonds , hazelnuts, toasted bread are the most common, but there are also picades with pine nuts, saffron , dried red bell pepper flesh, chocolate, chicken and fish liver, among others . You can thin it down with a little liquid, such as wine, water or stock. A recipe with “picada” must specify the ingredients and when to add it to the stew. picada

“Cold Romesco”
Ingredients: 6 grilled tomatoes, 2 red bell peppers blanched, 1/2 garlic head grilled, 1/2 tsp paprika, 15g roasted almonds, 15g roasted hazelnuts, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper
Preparation: Blend togehter the peeled and seeded tomatoes, peeled garlic, pepper flesh, almonds, hazelnuts and paprika while gradually adding the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

“Warm Romesco”
Ingredients: 2 soaked red bell peppers, 1 ripe tomato, 4 garlic grilled cloves, 1 slice fried break, 1/2 glass mellow wine, 6 roasted hazelnuts, 6 roasted almonds, olive oil
Preparation: in a mortar, crush the peeled garlic cloves, almonds hazelnuts, fried break and pepper flesh. When you have a smooth mixture , add the peeled and seeded tomatoes and wine. In a frying pan with very hot oil, lightly fry the mixture so that the pepper does not burn. Add water to thin the mixture and put it in a casserole. When it comes to the boil, add the fish , meat or vegetables of your choice.

Catalan cuisine history

Catalan cuisine has Iberian, Greek, Roman and Arab roots. Actually Greeds and Romans introduced the Mediterranean trilogy ( bread, wine and oil ) and spices imported from the Indian Ocean.  In the 14th century , the most prestigious creations were compiled in three recipe books: the “LLibre de Sent Soví”, the “Llibre de totes maneres de potatges” and the “LLibre d’aparellar de menjar”.
It was a sophisticated and expensive cuisine, which combines the finest local products with exotic ingredients. From the 9th to 12th centuries, Arabs accclimatised sugar cane, citrus fruits, spinach, aubergine and rice to the Mediterranean plants that originated in the Far East.

catalan gastronomy and history

Board table of our ancestors

In the mid-15th century it reached Italy through Naples and Rome, from where it spread throughout Europe. Medieval cookery literature in Catalan came to an end in around 1485 with the “Llibre de Coch” by Mater Robert. In the 16th century the bean, pepper, tomato, potato, turkey and chocolate come from America, and they became everday foodstuffs.
At the beginning of the 19th century, Catalan Renaissance period, the four volumes of “La cunyera catalana” were released. Later on, in the 20th century, “La teca” by Ignasi Domènech expanded that bourgeois cuisine and “El que hem menjat”, by Josep Pla , became a staple work.
Catalan cuisine has grown spectacularly from such solid roots. Now , as in the Middle Ages, it is at the forefront of world gastronomy, reflected by the recognition of Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca as the best chefs in the world.

The most perfect view Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona

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The most perfect view Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona

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Barbershops in Barcelona

The trend of wearing a beard has finally returned and has become an authentic sign of masculinity and also a sing of a man caring about his appearance. The barbershops in Barcelona are yet again popular as never before, whereas they are not only excellent in their service but also influence trends. 

Barbershops are a fashion in Barcelona, because beards are back

Barbershops are a fashion in Barcelona, because beards are back

A good cut is essential, however it is not easy to find a good barbershop. Those barber, who know how to take care of the beard will advice its owner as men are not only interested in the latest trends, but also in following the classic guidelines of manhood. An image where beards and goateesonce again are in style.

Full-grown and thic beards have become the image of the musculine modern man, especially with middle-aged men. Without a doubt, care is essential to get the most out of that image.

And of course, Barcelona is so much into it, and offers so many good options to become this new style age man:

Andr&S Enobarberia
Colomines 6, 5 minutes walk from hotel Duquesa de Cardona
An Italian couple, Andrea Varini and Karima Sorrentino have created a new concept of the barbershop in Barcelona’s el Born . Their original proposal combines the experience of the barbershop with fine wine tasting. A good shave, facial massage, hot and cold towels.. A true sanctuary of the grooming experience.

Barbershop and wine. What else?

Barbershop and wine. What else?

BCN Cuts Barber Shop
Gran de Gracia 223
BCN Cuts Barber Shop was opened after a story of love in Boston. Arriving to Barcelona, Rodrigo and Daniela brough with them the American entrepreneural spirit and passion. In the cosy neighbourhood of Gracia, specialized in cutting har and taking care of beards and the “classic shave”.  Everything is accompanied by drinks and jazz music

Yeeess Barbers
Balmes 86
Ramón and Iván in the Yeess Barber have been the last to join the Barcelona barbers. Their speciality is the informar aesthetic with a fun atmosphere and a colourful lobby with a comics thematic. A local pleasant barbershop.

Barbershops in Barcelona will style your face

Barbershops in Barcelona will style your face

Krispy Cuts Barber Shop & Sabor
Basses de Sant Pere 1
Krispy Cuts is a barbershop with a true New York Style. A designer and a coolhunter ( Leo Castro ) and a barber and a hairdresser ( Alexis Ariza ) bring the authentic American handcrafted barbershop into the heart of Barcelona