Catalan Modernism Museum

Modernism, known out of Catalonia as Art Nouveau or Modern Style, was a cultural movement which acquired unique caracteristics within the Catalan framework. Modernism creation started at the end of the 19th century and extended through about the earliest years of the 20th century. Its main goal was transform the society, and on opening it to Europe through art, literature, music, theatre and decoration. It was characterised by being very eclectic style.

Catalan Modernism Museum

Stained glass at Catalan Modernism Museum

The Modernism Museum was opened in the 2010 on a Modernist building designed by Enric Sagnier between 1902 and 1904. It is unique in being dedicated exclusively to the brilliant movement in the city’s history known as Modernism. It makes an excellent complement to the well-trodden tourist itinerary of Modernist buildings, since it collects some of the best pieces of furniture and interior decoration from that period.

The museum its divided in two different floors. The first floor displays some objects  and house furnitures created by Antoni Gaudí, Busquests and Gaspar Homar: chairs, writing desks , iron frames, hangers, jewerly. The lower floor hosts paintings and sculptures from Santiago Rusiñol, Joaquim Mir, Josep i Joan Llimona, Pablo Gargallo, Ramón Cases or Miquel Blay, among others. Regarding the sculpture, most of these artists studied the female figure and expressed psychological traits through the study of the anatomy and the use of new materials.

This museum is unique on this genre. We highly recommend it to modernism art lovers but also to those who need  a good introduction to the movement.

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El Molino de Barcelona, much more than Cabaret

El Molino was born in Paral.lel Avenue in 1898. Paral.lel Avenue became between 1894 and 1939 the major leisure and entertainment street in Barcelona. Unfortunately,  after the civil war started, all the theatres closed on this area. El Molino, though, survived and was the only one that remained opened.

El Molino cabaret show of Barcelona at Paral.lel street

El Molino cabaret show of Barcelona at Paral.lel street

The Molino resisted the civil war and the dictadure, but due to low assistance to their lasts shows ( not only el Molino but this genre about nudity and burlesque shows)  on the 14th November 1997 it had to close. It wasn’t until the 2010 the Molino re opened again with a brand new show and more experiences. Following the renovations of this year, this famous theatre has been reborn from its ashes. El Molino has regained the splendour of its glory days when it was the best-known theatre of the paral.lel area, irreverent and with its own way of poking fun at the censorhsip of the time. El Molino continues its history of cabaret, burlesque and music hall shows, as well as theatre and flamenco performances.

What is a cabaret experience? They are the only theatre in the city that offers the most authentic cabaret with trained performers on all genres.It is eroticism, skills, charm but also a great and amusing way to break boundaries. El Molino’ s present owners have retained El Molino’ s basic function as a musical theatre. It offers a show with burlesque, acrobatics, playfulness and sense of humor, naughty shows with vedettes. The programme is variable. Flamenco is set for Tuesdays nights, a burlesque festival, tango or the popular rumba shows.

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Segway tours

Renting a segway is an exellent way to discover the city of Barcelona

Renting a segway is an exellent way to discover the city of Barcelona

Discover Barcelona on the most exciting electrical vehicle.  Drive through roman ruins and medieval streets in the Gothic district and enjoy the breeze at Barceloneta beach. It is the newest and easiest way to overfly the city. But what is it exactly and what does it allow you to do? It is an electric vehicle with two-wheels and it’s really easy to learn for all ages. The segway covers lots of ground allowing you to use it to experience the city.

Barcelona Segway tour is a company that is member of the Barcelona Tourism board. They take people off the beaten path and into some of the city’s most authentic places. Their friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual guides will find out the best sights of Barcelona.

They offer private tours and personalized starting times. Small groups, 6 people per guide. You can choose the experience in different languages. English, German, French, Russian and more options asking for availability. Every day from 9am until 8pm, 365 days a year. Kids from 10 years old.For the food lovers you can combine the best of our gastronomy with a segway tour. If you are a early bird, you may like enjoy the peaceful morning hours and finish having a breakfast. Barcelona Segway Tour is close to the hotel, located in the Gothic district and only 5 minutes walking from the meeting point, Plaza St. Jaume.

Before the tour we organize a 10 minutes training with the Segway. Once the group feels comfortable, they will be ready to enjoy the city with their guide. The guide will be like a friend during the tour, talking about history and some curious stories from a local point of view. You can ask for his favorites spots and he will share with you his knowledge of the city.
Let them help you to create your own pack.You can choose different options:
Barcelona Segway Tour
2h tour | 12 km |  Gothic, Barceloneta, Historical & Olimpic Port.
Barcelona Segway Tour XXL
3h tour | 15 km  | Gothic, Barceloneta, Historical & Olimpical Port, Ciutadella Park, Born District.
Gastronomic Segway Tour
 3h tour | 12 km | Gothic, Barceloneta, Historical & Olimpic Port. The tour takes you to the most representative hotspots of each neighborhood.

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The legendary Correfoc

Running through the fire

Correfoc tradition

Correfoc tradition

Do you want to see a tradition that you won’t be able to find anywhere else?Do you want to dance with devils between the crowds or just watch the fire show?

The Correfoc is a traditional fire show that in english would be translated as “Fire-runs”. It represents the fight of the Good agains the Evil. In summer time you can find it among festival in Catalonia.

In the correfoc you can find different kinds of groups demonstrations. The fire group wich offers fireworks. Then we find this grop of people whose dress as a devils and the dragons wich in addition to the fireworks they dance and jump to the sound of the drums.

The most exciting part is run, jump and dance under the fire.

It is a unique, real and unforgettable experience!

You will have the opportunity to assist to this mediterranean party next Mercé’s festivity, 24th, 25th and 26th of September