Bullfights in Barcelona: forbidden !

Torture is not art , and it is not culture ( translation )

Torture is not art , and it is not culture ( translation )

If your next trip is to Barcelona, and it is also your first trip to Spain, you should know there is big a issue and a diference between Barcelona ( and the region, Catalonia ) and the rest of Spain: here, there are no bullfights.

And the reason why there are no bullfights in Catalonia, is just because the citizens said NO . In 2011, catalan lawmakers hit this old “tradition”, banning this blood-soaked pageant. Animal activists have been working for this since decades collecting signatures agains it, specially since the democracy came back to the country back to the 70-80’s. The tradition reminded for much longer, but being honest, it survived all this time just as a tourist attraction.

Central spanish parties are still working hard to bring this “tradition” back to the catalan territory, but catalans seems pretty confident on having finished forever ever with something that was not representative at all with the people living here.

The two “plazas de toros” buildings ( arena ) in Barcelona stand still, but with other purposes. One of them, “Arenas”, is a beautiful shopping mall with restaurants on the top and views to Montjuich , and Monumental holds concerts and events.

Old bullfighting arena, today a concert and events hall, since this "tradition" was banned in Catalonia

Old bullfighting arena, today a concert and events hall, since this “tradition” was banned in Catalonia

Unfortunately, bullfights are still on in the rest of Spain, although the number of animal activists and people agains increase. If you want to know a bit more of what these associations, political parties and organizations do, visit their links. Support from abroad is also welcomed. www.pacma.es , www.addaong.org/ , www.avatma.com

Barcelona food tour

Gastronomic tour in Gracia, Barcelona

Gastronomy involves discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching about food.

Do you want to know the best places to eat like a local? Do you wonder where the best local specialty food is? Do you want to know the chef’ s favorite hot spot?

The answer of all those questions is a Barcelona food tour: you will discover the city in small groups, while eating amazing catalan food, drinking and having fun.

Devour Barcelona Food Tours is a company that takes people off the beaten path and into some of the city’s most authentic eateries. On their Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour you’ll explore the small streets of the Village of Gracia— a part of Barcelona that still retains its small-town charm. You’ll learn all about authentic Catalan cuisine, and stop into some of the city’s best pastry shops, market stalls, gourmet shops and bodegas, where you’ll meet the owners and learn their stories. The tour lasts around four hours and includes enough for breakfast and lunch. It’s the perfect way to see a beautiful part of Barcelona while enjoying it’s amazing gastronomy!

Get more info at: devourbarcelonafoodtours.com

Discover Barcelona through a gastronomic tour in Gracia

Discover Barcelona through a gastronomic tour in Gracia

Brunch in Barcelona : our favourite 3 restaurants

The best 3 brunches in Barcelona

Brunch is a mixture between breakfast and lunch = brunch ( obvious, isn’t it ? ) . It became very popular as a mea after the sunday masses  in Harlem , New York , becoming afterword very popular world over, in between those too trendies to have a breakfast on a sunday, after 11 …

Spanish people, in general, are not great paying attention to breakfast ( the most important meal of the day ), but the option of a brunch ( maybe because it is mean to be eaten later than breakfast ), seems a quite good option.

These are our favourite 3 brunch restaurants.

Cup & Cake Brunch

Enric Granados 19. Telf: 93 267 8765. Grandma’s philosophy : do everything yourself, slow, and with best ingredients. A philosophy for living and for eating. Sounds great ! Particulary, we are in love with the serrano and focaccia eggs and the detox juices . Open from monday to sunday, 08.30 to 22.00 h


Cup & Cake brunch Barcelona: make is as your grandmother


Carrer Gignàs 21 ( righ behind our hotel, Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona ). Telf : 932680922
This irish couple call it “Recovery Brunch”, and it is served between 9.00 to 16.30 h. A trendy place in a very trendy area, where local designers are happy to open their business.

Granja Petit Bo

Granja Petit Bo Barcelona

Granja Petit Bo Barcelona

Passeig de Sant Joan 82, Telf: 93 2656503

A remarkable hispter cafe, with tables to share in case of being full. They do not make reservations, and the milk is particulary amazing ( actually , the origin of this place is a “lecheria” ( milkshop ??? ). Brunch are Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 to 15.30 h and the do not make reservations


Nightlife in Barcelona

4 Nightclubs in Barcelona you cannot miss

You may sacrifice a morning tourist visit in Barcelona, in order to make sure you spend at least one of your nights in town breathing what’s going on after 1 a.m.

Let us recommend you 3 different options , and remember that locals show up at the clubs, not before 1.30 a.m. ( it is compulsory to start the night in any bar or bars, before being ready to dance ! )


BARTS CLUB BARCELONA: recovering a theatre of the 30?s

BARTS CLUB BARCELONA: recovering a theatre of the 30?s

In Avinguda Paral.lel 62, Barts Club reminds decoration and atmosphere reminds you the theatre club cabaret style back to the 30’s in Barcelona. A new concept of cultural centre based in a project promoted by locals, the recovery of this building has been trasnformed in a “house of music”. The Barts club has a little “cabaret” stage, a piano bar, and an eclectic atmosphere. Make sure you pay a visit


It is located in a popular quarter called Poble Sec ( left part of the Rambla, sea on  your back ) , in C/ Nou de la Rambla 113.
Old-time ballroom turned hip concert venue with gigs on two stages ( local acts to big names ) and an eclectic series of club nights, from punk or Catalan rumba sounds to the weekend’s long-running Nitsa Club.


La Terrazza Barcelona is an open-air club of techno, house and dance to see the sunsire

La Terrazza Barcelona is an open-air club of techno, house and dance to see the sunsire

La Terrazza Barcelona opens only in summer, and it is an open-air club for nonstop house, techno and dance. In this case, make sure you show up after 3.00 a.m and be ready for the style police. It is located in the popular Poble Espanyol, a closed “castle” area where you will find many restaurants, squares and building which are copies of famous building all over Spain. Make sure you dance until sun rises !



Razzmatazz Barcelona is famous for hosting the biggest in-town rock gigs, and at weekends , it turns into “5 clubs in one ” with mixing sounds. The name honours one of the famous hits of the british band Pulp ( this club has been always a big icon for british pop bands lovers in the past 2 decades ) . Located in C/ Pamplona 88