Barbershops in Barcelona

The trend of wearing a beard has finally returned and has become an authentic sign of masculinity and also a sing of a man caring about his appearance. The barbershops in Barcelona are yet again popular as never before, whereas they are not only excellent in their service but also influence trends. 

Barbershops are a fashion in Barcelona, because beards are back

Barbershops are a fashion in Barcelona, because beards are back

A good cut is essential, however it is not easy to find a good barbershop. Those barber, who know how to take care of the beard will advice its owner as men are not only interested in the latest trends, but also in following the classic guidelines of manhood. An image where beards and goateesonce again are in style.

Full-grown and thic beards have become the image of the musculine modern man, especially with middle-aged men. Without a doubt, care is essential to get the most out of that image.

And of course, Barcelona is so much into it, and offers so many good options to become this new style age man:

Andr&S Enobarberia
Colomines 6, 5 minutes walk from hotel Duquesa de Cardona
An Italian couple, Andrea Varini and Karima Sorrentino have created a new concept of the barbershop in Barcelona’s el Born . Their original proposal combines the experience of the barbershop with fine wine tasting. A good shave, facial massage, hot and cold towels.. A true sanctuary of the grooming experience.

Barbershop and wine. What else?

Barbershop and wine. What else?

BCN Cuts Barber Shop
Gran de Gracia 223
BCN Cuts Barber Shop was opened after a story of love in Boston. Arriving to Barcelona, Rodrigo and Daniela brough with them the American entrepreneural spirit and passion. In the cosy neighbourhood of Gracia, specialized in cutting har and taking care of beards and the “classic shave”.  Everything is accompanied by drinks and jazz music

Yeeess Barbers
Balmes 86
Ramón and Iván in the Yeess Barber have been the last to join the Barcelona barbers. Their speciality is the informar aesthetic with a fun atmosphere and a colourful lobby with a comics thematic. A local pleasant barbershop.

Barbershops in Barcelona will style your face

Barbershops in Barcelona will style your face

Krispy Cuts Barber Shop & Sabor
Basses de Sant Pere 1
Krispy Cuts is a barbershop with a true New York Style. A designer and a coolhunter ( Leo Castro ) and a barber and a hairdresser ( Alexis Ariza ) bring the authentic American handcrafted barbershop into the heart of Barcelona

Reasons why to invest in Barcelona

Barcelona is the Southern door of Europe, the center of an emerging economic region of the continent , and the capital of the Mediterranean without a doubt. If this is not enough, let’s just talk about some  reasons why to invest in Barcelona 

1. Accessible and well connected town

One of the reasons why to invest in Barcelona, it is connections

One of the reasons why to invest in Barcelona, it is connections !

Our city is the only city in the South of Europe which has 5 linear kilometers, the main harbour in the Mediterranean area , a highspeed train station, an international airport, highways connected to France and it holds the second biggest exhibition pole in Europe.

2. A privileged location

Barcelona is a bridge with Maghreb and a global hub with Latin America. It is the Souther door of Europe.

3. Ambitious with projects

The city bets on the permanent improvement and the projects that will bring about great opportunities in the future. Barcelona is always subject to big urban transformations, with important public investments and great opportunities for private iniciative.

4 Better life quality in Europe

Barcelona is the European city with the best life quality for the employees according to the European Cities Monitor 2011, a position that it has been keeping for the last 14 years. The main reason is , the high level of quality of the leisure time: amazing restaurants and bars, unforgetable sites on the beach, the mountains, and so many sports and activities to practice: snowboard, kitesurfing, skying, canoeing at Costa Brava…

5 A city brand that adds some value

With its well-deserved prestige and an international fame, various independent polls goes for Barcelona

6 Strategic and pushing sectors

In Barcelona many economic sectors are developing and are linked to the new technologies and the sustainability some investment and business opportunities offer

7 Driving force in a big economic , dynamic and diverse area

Barcelona is the leader of a big economic area with a wide industrial tradition and a dense entrepreneurial web. The city focuses on intensive activities in the fiels of knowledge, especially regarding the enhances services and the newest economic activities.

8.  Entrepreneurial and business friendly city 

Strength, worktime, serious and responsible, that's how you are going to work with catalans

Strength, teamwork, serious and responsible, that’s how you are going to work with catalans

Barcelona has a true entrepreneurial and commercial tradition and Barcelonese people are entrepreneurial, responsible, serious people and are open to making business from people from other markets

Calçotada a Barcelona 2015

This winter 2015  Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona  is celebrating a full catalan gastronomic event: the Calçotada !

Calçotada a Barcelona centre

Calçotades a Barcelona a l’hotel Duquesa de Cardona, dissabtes i diumenges gener i febrer 2015

Every saturday and sunday lunch time, this is going to be our menu ( and the transllation in catalan , so you can start practicing !

Calçotada Barcelona

Brou ( vegetable and meat broth )
Calçots amb salsa romesco ( Spring onions with romesco sauce )
Carxofes ( artichokes  )
Pa torrat amb tomàquet i oli ( toasted bread with tomato and olive oil )
Graellada de botifarres del Perol , pollastre  i xai amb allioli ( Grilled chicken, sausages and lamb with allioli sauce )
Escuma de crema catalana o gelats artesanals ( Creme bruillé foam or homemade icecream )

1/2 Gin Tonic Gin Giró

Reservations-Reserves 93.2689090 or


Calçotada hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Price per person / preu per persona: 35 € ( 20 € for children younger than 11 years old )

Calçotada catalan tradition hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Calçotada catalan tradition hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona 2015

Pakta restaurant in Barcelona

Pakta restaurant in Barcelona

Gastronomy is just a treasure in the city of Barcelona and it is not a coincide that Barcelona has been considered as one of world capital empires for gastronomic innovation.

Here we sum up just few options of restaurants with on star michelin, allthough in Barcelona we promise you, to have a nice mail is just easy!


This restaurant with a Michelin star  was opened by Albert Adrià after Tickets and 41º. A mezclum between the local gastronomy of Peru, and the one from visitor later with the japanise immigration. The excellence of this fusion, is the special touch of the chef.
Lleida 5,  Telf: +34 93 6240177


Opened on 1967 and of the favourite restaurants of Salvador Dali . Richard Nixon, Woody Allen, Gabriel García Márquez , Pelé, and many other known faces have eaten at Via Veneto.  In this star michelin restaurant in Barcelona, they work the truffle as nobody else does, and their service is has become an standard in the high spanish cuisine.
Ganduxer 10-12 , 932 00 72 44


Manairo restaurant with one star Michelin

Manairo restaurant with one star Michelin

It is not only a gastronomic restaurant to eat well,  but Jordi Herrera’s  laboratory , who investigates with tools all the products, getting the outmost of all of them.

Diputacio 424 , Telf 93 231 00 57


Hofman restaurant  Barcelona is also a prestigious cookery school wich offers moderns creations of a misture of Mediterranean catalan and french haute cuisine. Do not miss by any circumstances the desserts, and book your table as soon as you can !
Granada del Penedès 14-16 , Telf  932 187 165


By Jordi Cruz, one of those restaurants with a michelin star for every day use! Located on Aragó street, Angle offers a degustation menu for a reasonable price with exquisit local products with an asian touch and lots of Jordi’s imagination.

Aragó 214,