Calçotada a Barcelona 2015

This winter 2015  Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona  is celebrating a full catalan gastronomic event: the Calçotada !

Calçotada a Barcelona centre

Calçotades a Barcelona a l’hotel Duquesa de Cardona, dissabtes i diumenges gener i febrer 2015

Every saturday and sunday lunch time, this is going to be our menu ( and the transllation in catalan , so you can start practicing !

Calçotada Barcelona

Brou ( vegetable and meat broth )
Calçots amb salsa romesco ( Spring onions with romesco sauce )
Carxofes ( artichokes  )
Pa torrat amb tomàquet i oli ( toasted bread with tomato and olive oil )
Graellada de botifarres del Perol , pollastre  i xai amb allioli ( Grilled chicken, sausages and lamb with allioli sauce )
Escuma de crema catalana o gelats artesanals ( Creme bruillé foam or homemade icecream )

1/2 Gin Tonic Gin Giró

Reservations-Reserves 93.2689090 or


Calçotada hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Price per person / preu per persona: 35 € ( 20 € for children younger than 11 years old )

Calçotada catalan tradition hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Calçotada catalan tradition hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona 2015

Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona 2015

Pakta restaurant in Barcelona

Pakta restaurant in Barcelona

Gastronomy is just a treasure in the city of Barcelona and it is not a coincide that Barcelona has been considered as one of world capital empires for gastronomic innovation.

Here we sum up just few options of restaurants with on star michelin, allthough in Barcelona we promise you, to have a nice mail is just easy!


This restaurant with a Michelin star  was opened by Albert Adrià after Tickets and 41º. A mezclum between the local gastronomy of Peru, and the one from visitor later with the japanise immigration. The excellence of this fusion, is the special touch of the chef.
Lleida 5,  Telf: +34 93 6240177


Opened on 1967 and of the favourite restaurants of Salvador Dali . Richard Nixon, Woody Allen, Gabriel García Márquez , Pelé, and many other known faces have eaten at Via Veneto.  In this star michelin restaurant in Barcelona, they work the truffle as nobody else does, and their service is has become an standard in the high spanish cuisine.
Ganduxer 10-12 , 932 00 72 44


Manairo restaurant with one star Michelin

Manairo restaurant with one star Michelin

It is not only a gastronomic restaurant to eat well,  but Jordi Herrera’s  laboratory , who investigates with tools all the products, getting the outmost of all of them.

Diputacio 424 , Telf 93 231 00 57


Hofman restaurant  Barcelona is also a prestigious cookery school wich offers moderns creations of a misture of Mediterranean catalan and french haute cuisine. Do not miss by any circumstances the desserts, and book your table as soon as you can !
Granada del Penedès 14-16 , Telf  932 187 165


By Jordi Cruz, one of those restaurants with a michelin star for every day use! Located on Aragó street, Angle offers a degustation menu for a reasonable price with exquisit local products with an asian touch and lots of Jordi’s imagination.

Aragó 214,

Calçotada – a gastronomic party at La Terrassa de Duquesa

Just thinking for a moment about Calçotada make us hungry even if we’ve already have a dinner. These soft white chives recently picked up from the fire accompanied with botifarra, grilled meat and wine are the best of the best of the winter season gastronomy in Catalonia. So let’s see in what consists Calçotada – a gastronomic party you shouldn’t miss.


The tradition seems has over 100 years and was discovered by the chance thanks to a farmer from Valls village. In particular, Xat de Benaiges was a man who roasted on the flaming fire the chives of white onion instead of doing it over the coals. Since then it was cultivated especially to be cooked on flame.

From the early 20’s century Calçotada became a regular meal for many vallenses families during the holidays. Typically, people had used to go to the farmhouse to cook the spring onions during a long period between November and April.


 So as it is the beginning of the season we are happy and proud to announce an opening of a gastronomic party at La terrassa de Duquesa. Since January, 17 of 2015 you are welcome to our terrace to try Calçots together with your family and friends. And the most important thing you haven’t to take a car and we’re sure the views from La Terraza will impress you!

See you soon!

Where to celebrate Thanksgiving day in Barcelona

Celebrating something out of Catalan traditions for inhabitants of Barcelona becomes a usual thing. Some years ago it was impossible to meet a restaurant o local bar decorated for the Halloween or a menu with specialties for Thanksgiving Day. Nevertheless it was progressing during the years, local people were discovering “America”, and some of them were living for some time what have influenced to the local habits. Now you can see much more places offering you a special menu for Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving menu

As we know, this is the most important holiday of the year in United States. Not even Christmas can overcome the tradition and popularity of this day. Although every American family celebrates the holiday in their own way and there are many variants as households in the United States. So we know how important is for all of you who celebrate it enjoy your first Thanksgiving in Barcelona.

Thanksgiving is mostly a family party. Although, of course, if you are far from your family traveling around the world you probably would love to celebrated it with friends. This day usually people used to stay at home. The party moves to the previous day, which is officially one day of the year most of Americans like to go out. We are more than sure; you won’t miss it in Barcelona. Here there is enough “fiestas” for everybody.

Well, talking about the menu, this year at Hotel Duquesa de Cardona we have elaborated Thanksgiving Menu especially for our dear guests and everyone who wants to celebrate this day in Barcelona. The turkey is the undisputed star of the Thanksgiving menu. And our menu isn’t an exception, moreover served with cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes and fresh celery. To complete the menu, the apple tart paired with wines and american cider. It is a perfect choice for a group of 8 friends, if you travel with family or if this is a corporate dinner.

Do not forget to book your table in advance! We hope you’ll like it!