Barcelona Natural Park Montseny

barcelona natural park montseny


Montseny has always been the natural area where hikers first strapped ona backpack. It’s only forty minutes from the city and is a declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in which the highest peaks are barely over 1,700 metres.

El Monsteny always reflects the season. The beech trees and oaks wear green in spring and summer, whilst their autumn attire is shades of ochre. In winter the green fir contrasts with the white snow. The dry leaves form a soft carpet underfoot and if you’d like a real Cristmas tree, you can pick one of the Montseny nurseries.

Although there is a road up to the Turó de l’Home, the Parks’s highest peak, if you like hiking there’s a host of trails for you to enjoy. Our suggestion: start at the Can Casades Interpretation Center in Santa Fe del Montseny, which marks the start of a trail that is accessible for the disabeld.

This is the oldest natural park in Catalonia and one of the most important, because in a relatively small area there are three typical plant communities of the three major European biomes: the Mediterranean, the Euro-Siberian and the “boreoalpino”.

It’s the nearest Natural Park from Barcelona, where you can breaf fresh mountain air!

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