Barcelona that you will never find in the city guide

Hi dear friends and guests of our hotel! Today we would like to offer you to go for a walk by Barcelona and discover some corners you’ll never find on the pages of city guides. Following these routes you’ll find a lot of interesting places with marvelous landscapes.

Passing by Sants


When it was still an independent agricultural village of Barcelona, there were settled in Santa Maria de Sants the first major textile industries in the area, which determine the structure and appearance of the neighborhood. The working tradition of Sants you could see in the names of streets (Farga Square, de la Vidriera …), the old factories recovered for other uses and even for housing, or in a community life that is one of the most active in Barcelona. Start you walk in the street of Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes (close you have a Magòria station), then go up to the plaza de Sants, passing by Parc de l’Espanya Industrial going straight to the Carrer del Joan Güel finishing in the Rambla del Brasil.

Discovering Sant Antoni

2014-01-24 13_27_15-Más tamaños _ El Mercat de Sant Antoni #10 _ Flickr_ ¡Intercambio de fotos!

The market Sant Antoni is the oldest one you could meet in Barcelona. You can find on its façade the date 1882 the year of its inauguration together with a new Barcelona that had just overthrown its ramparts. Antoni Rovira y Trias designed it as a large iron structure with “four arms”, which in recent years was run down and hidden behind a wall. Now days  undergoes a major refurbishment while the neighborhood that has its name is becoming an area where they’re recovering wineries and places where you could eat a traditional food at the same time inspire new culinary experiences with places as fashionable as the Calders bar or famous Tickets restaurant. What about a gastronomic tour by Sant Antoni along the whole day?

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