Barri Gotic Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter

Right behind hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona. The center of the quarter is about 4 minutes walk

The Gothic Quarter stands on the site of the ancient Roman colony called Julia Augusta Paterna Barcino, a few of the remains of which are still to be seen. These include the town walls and the columns of the temple of Augustus, from the 1st -2nd centuries, which may be visited inside what is today the Excursionist Centre of Catalonia, at Carrer Paradís. Even before the Roman invasion, however, there was an Iberian settlement in this area around the top of Mount Taber, which is located precisely at carrer Paradís, righ at the entrance to the Excursionist Centre of Catalonia. The Gothic Quarter received its name from the Barcelonans in the 1920s because it was builg mainly during the Gothic period, that is the 13th , 14th and 15th centuries, which marked a high point in the city’s history. Indeed, many of the medieval buildings have been preserved, such as those that may be visited at the Plaça del Rei, the true historical centre of the entire area. The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is now the site of the foremost public buildings: the City Hall, the Palace of the Generalitat, the Cathedral the Greater Royal Palace and others. The best thing to do, however, when visiting the Gothic Quarter, is merely to wander about , drifting through the sea of tiny streets that form it, visiting the little bookshops and andtiquarians, and tasting the food of the unique restaurants that dot this area. In short, enjoying the peace that imbues the atmosphere, so different from the bustle of other parts of the city of Barcelona

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