Best Arabian restaurants in Barcelona

As you probably may know Barcelona is one of that cities where you can find all kind of gastronomy easily. We’ve mostly talked about Mediterranean food, what is a typical here, but we would like show you more options. So today we’re going to talk about a very special but so tasty Arabian gastronomy. Arab cuisine is the set of cuisines belonging to Arab countries, including all the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and countries of North Africa. The Arab cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean cuisine with some Indian gastronomic characteristics, especially in the use of spices. Arab cuisine is a rich combination of diverse cultures intermingled by a common language, where is incorporated exotic Lebanese cuisine, the rigor and simplicity of the Maghreb and exogenous elements such as spices of India and Iran. And all those magical flavors you can find in Barcelona as well.


 Abou Khalil – probably the best representative of the Arab culinary in Barcelona. The restaurant with a typical Lebanese cuisine that was born in 1983 and after 30 year this place still keeps its best traditions. During these years the restaurant has adapted to the taste of Spanish people as well, especially those who doesn’t like raw garlic or too much lemon. Once you at Abou Khalil, it’s recommendable to start with mazza, a set of dishes as a starter. Hummus (chickpea puree), bitigam (mashed eggplant), kibbi (beef croquette), falafel (vegetable), taboule (meat and parsley salad served on a lettuce leaf, like a pita bread) and may be some treats more. So, if you already want to try it, make a note: C/ Santaló, 88


 The Blai Street is becoming one of the main arteries of Poble Sec neighborhood where you also can find a wide range of dining establishments. La Fibula gives an Arabic touch to the street and the area. You could have a dinner at this classic tearoom with Andalusian décor or just have a cup of their quirky selection of teas and try tipical sweets. C/Blai, 46 – don’t miss it!

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