Fiesta Major de Gracia: 15 days left

We start counting the days before the greatest “fiesta” of the year. All the locals are waiting for 15 of august to begin celebrating Fiesta de Gracia. As we said it’s the most popular here in Barcelona and people who live in Gracia district start preparing the decorations 3 month before. So you just can imagine how much does this celebration means for citizens.

Well, the idea of this celebration is simple but creative. Some month before the celebration neighbors of different streets in Gracias meet to decide a theme they will choose for their street. Every year you can find something different. That is a reason of this competition – do not repeat.

This is really magical, the feeling you are a walking in a Star Wars or in the American Wild West movie. So if you are in Barcelona from 15th to 21th of August don’t miss Fiesta Major de Gracia. Especially the first day it is when the winner is chosen. If you don’t have enough time go directly to the Carrer de Verdí and Carrer de Joan Blanques they seem to be winners almost every year.

Have a nice trip!

One cultural weekend in Barcelona

Are you going to visit Barcelona soon and you are looking for interesting places or events for the weekend? To find some cool and cozy places in Barcelona is easier than you thought.

Well, you can start with authentic cultural finding in Museum of Picasso. The first and the unique exhibition of Picasso Self-portraits. How did he see himself? Probably it’s too difficult to answer but surely you could find a part of his conception thank to this exhibition. It is an unprecedented collection of paintings where Picasso showed himself. Moreover this exhibition shows almost all his trajectory from his childhood until almost the year of his death. Parts of his biography, his thoughts are reflected in every of the canvases. The exhibition ‘Yo Picasso. Autoretratos’ is waiting for you in Barcelona city untill the 1st of September.

"Sopars amb estrelles"

What could be better to have a romantic dinner after a long day of museum and highlights? And what place could be better than the Fabra Observatory, a space that fuses original gastronomy and astronomy. So between 14th of July and 28th of September you can enjoy the best dinner ever called “Sopars amb Estrells” (catalan trans). They offer an exquisite menu with typical salmorejo soup, chicken stuffed with apricots and green tea ice cream on chocolate meteorites. Isn’t delicious? After dinner you will explore every corner of the Observatory, then attend an interesting conference and finally see the night sky with telescopes.

Have a marvelous weekend!

Enjoyable cultural activities in Barcelona

One week ago we talked about fantastic night visits in Casa Batlló, today we want to present you different activities to visit in Montjuic during July.
Montjuic is an area in Barcelona which has a good relationship with sports. It has huge sport facilities; this is one reason to propose you to visit the Swimming World Championship.

fuentes montjuic

Since July 19th to August 4th, swimmers, amateurs, people who love water sports, journalists and everyone who wants to go, Swimming World Championship 2013 will be here in Barcelona with all of us. It will take place in Palau Sant Jordi and it will carry out activities such as swimming, synchronized swimming, waterfalls, swim on the sea, water polo, and the first time in all years of this World Championship, high jumps. As well as Palau Sant Jordi, there will be championships in Piscina Municipal and Barcelona Port Vell. The prices of the event vary between 9€ to 25€ depending on the activity. Don’t hesitate to go, it s a great event to enjoy during the next week.

mundial natacion 2013

Moreover we recommend you visit the Botanic Park which is located in Montjuic, too. Botanic Park it is a municipal institution of 14 hectares area. They present a huge collection of Mediterranean flowers around the world. Besides that, it has great views to Llobregat Delta, Olympic Ring and the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

jardin botanico barcelona

The last activity that we propose to do during this week is visit Fundacion Miró Museum. It holds an international collection of works by Miró. Now, there is an exhibition called Joan Miró- Printmaking where you can find different prints that Joan Miró was interested between the 30s and 60s. It means a technical evolution of Joan Miró artworks during his times.

fundacion Joan Miro

Finally, after visiting these three different touristic places, it is a good idea to relax in a charming hotel located in Barcelona city center. You are welcome to our boutique hotel with swimming pool and fantastic Sea Port view, and it is a perfect plan to switch off from the reality with a strawberry mojito.

hotel duquesa de cardona

Enjoy magic nights in Barcelona with Casa Batlló

This summer you have a great opportunity to take a part of magic night enjoying a magic and fantasy of Antoni Gaudí. The Casa Batlló presents a complete program and opens her doors for all of you.  This year there are some changes in the program, i.e. you can choose which day you prefer visit it and who of artist prestigious artists you would like to see.  As an example: guitars duos or fantastic Catalan rumba what make the night adorable.  Here you can see the full program.

The magic night will be more pleasant with the welcome drinks from Estrella Damm, Cavas Reventós I Blanc o Viña Sol. They invite you to see this magic evening from another perspective and enjoy as well the mystery and genius architecture.

Book you entrance right now and “vive la noche” in Barcelona with Casa Batlló. Entry includes: a visit to Noble Floor, welcome drink, visiting terrace with hammocks where you can relax drinking something and listening to the music.