Calçotada an onion party or curios Catalan traditions

You probably think “ooh, those Catalans are crazy people” celebrating onion party. But you can’t imagine how good is this meal with a combination of special sauce “romesco” and some barbeque. Let’s see how it works and where can you try this delicious dish.


The importance of this tradition is so big that the most of restaurants over Tarragona area would not survive without the spring onion parties. Almost 300,000 people annually pilgrimage to the region. Imagine if only one restaurant may only get to cook in a season more than 200,000 chives.

The basis of Calçotada is a tender, sweet and white onion roasted and served with romesco sauce. The season of Calçots is from February to March and you can try it in the most of restaurants.  Usually it’s a special menu including onions, sausages, grilled meats, wine and desserts.

This tradition has a little over 100 years, Xat Benaiges, a farmer from Valls village (Tarragona), was first who roasted spring onions on a flaming fire instead of doing it over the coals. Nobody knows if it was as the result of a brilliant idea or a mistake in feeding the fire. Whatever it was, Xat peeled onions charred end and unwittingly invented calçot and a gastronomic festival that now attracts thousands of tourists and equally fascinates tourists and locals.

Don’t miss it; you still have one month and a half to try it. In Barcelona you can find some restaurants, but we strongly recommend you find a place somewhere in a small village like la Ermita de Brugués Restaurant situated in Gava (Barcelona). Or if you want to go straight to the place where it was born so book restaurant Masia  Bou in Valls.

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