Carnival of Sitges – great performance full of colors and light

Sitges Carnival, one of the most popular Carnestoltes (carnival en catalan) of Catalunya. Sitges is one of the most beautiful and welcoming villages on the Catalan coast, and during these days it becomes a continuous party with the best environment and guaranteed fun. More than 100 years during one week (February or March, this small Mediterranean village celebrate and enjoy the happiest week of the year.


As we mentioned earlier, Sitges is a small town in the province of Barcelona in Catalonia, and it has a great location on the Mediterranean coast, about 36 km south of Barcelona. The microclimate of Sitges, situated between the mountains of Garraf and current winds from the sea, let the sky be clear of clouds around 300 days a year. The nights, beaches, festivals, proximity to Barcelona, tranquility and of course, its people, are a great attraction for both young and old people. People believe that the city that appears as a reference in Roman and Greek classical texts situated between the ancient Tarraco and Barcino, la Blanca Subur, could be Sitges.

Sitges Carnival, unforgettable performance of light and color that nobody wants to miss.

And so, to the rhythm of samba the carnival begins. They do it in style, with the legendary Rua de la Disbaux one of the two major parades that is celebrate every year during the Carnival on the coast. Thousands of people from different corners of the world come to see it. About 250.000 people attended the carnival to be closer to more than 50 carriages and 3,000 participants. It’s time to put your mask, wear colorful clothes, time to laugh and celebrate, all people residence from Sitges go out to the streets to celebrate another one year of carnival.

Sitges 2009

Most significant activities:

  • Arrival of the Queen, the majesty of the Carnival: Maundy Thursday when the King and Queen of Carnival come to Sitges and read the proclamation that the party without limits is about to start and also they encourage Catalan people to the dances and to put their costumes.
  • Race of Dressed Up beds, Saturday: one of the most fun activities.
  • Rua de la Disbaux parade, Sunday: famous Sunday night parade through the center of the city.
  • Rúa de l’extermini, Tuesday: this night a cavalcade is celebrated as a tribute to Carnestoltes funeral the next day.

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