“La Castanyada”: a catalan tradition

Have you ever heard about Catalan tradition which consists in eating chestnuts? This tradition is celebrated in Galicia. As well you could find a similar celebrating in Asturias and Portugal, but it’s known as Magüestu.


Here in Catalonia it is a typical meal commonly with panellets and sweet potato on All Saint’s Day. Nowadays walking around the city you’ll see people selling roasted chestnuts wrapped in newspaper. Surely you couldn’t pass by because the smell of chestnats and sweet potato is soo good that no way to resist.



People and some legends say that this taste tradition came from the All Saint’s night. To be exactly a night earlier there were a tradition when bell ringers should ring bells in commemoration of the dead and their friends and family should help them. After the ritual all the people were eating a special food for sustenance. And yes, you’re right, the food were chestnut, sweet potatoes and sometimes preserved fruit.

Our Hotel is welcoming you to celebrate La Castanyada with us from 19/10 up to 10/11.

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