Catalan cuisine

catalan cuisine paellaCatalan cuisine, which is typically Mediterranean, is based on natural seasonal produce.
Olive oil, vegetables, fruit, fresh fish and seafood , cod, pulses, pork in all its variety, many differrent cakes, and a wide selection of high quality wines and caves, these are the basic ingredients of our diet.

What to order in our catalan restaurants:

- Catalan mixed salad
- Escalivada: Grilled peppers and aubergines
- Esqueixada: shredded salt cod marinated in oil and vinegar with tomatoes, onions and red peppers.
- Escudella: vegetal and meat soup
- Espinacas a la Catalana. Spinach with raisins and pine kernels
- Jamón Serrano ( tradicional Spanish Ham, usually served with Bread and tomato
- Pan con tomate
- Sopa de pescado . Fish soup
- Bacalao a la “llauna”. Salt cod baked in tomato, garlic, parsley paprika, wine
- Fideua. Similar to paella, but with vermicelli
- Arroz Negro. Rice with cuttlefish
- Sepia con albóndigas . Cuttlefish with meatballs
- Suquet de peix . Fish, potato and tomato soup
- Zarzuela. Mixed seafood stew
- Botifarra catalana. Catalan sausage
- Botifarra amb seques. Kind haricot beans of sausage with garlic-mayonnaise.
- Pato con peras. Duck with pears
- Calçots amb salsa romesc. Grilled spring onions with a mediterranean sauce
- All i oli. Garlic maionnaise

- Crema catalana. Similar to créme brulée
- Mel i mató. Soft cheese with honey

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