17th Apr 2014
Potaje-hotel en Barcelona

What and where you can eat during a Holy Week in Barcelona

Easter day brings spirituality to the devoted but also fun for those who use to travel on this Easter holidays. What is certain is that we all enjoy typical Easter...

11th Apr 2014
Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

Holy week! Where? In Barcelona of course

Are you coming to Barcelona for Easter Holidays? You’re probably looking for some interesting activities you can do, what to see and how they celebrate this traditional festivity. So, let’s...

04th Apr 2014

Weekend plans: Business and Pleasure in Barcelona

Hi dear guest, here we are again with the latest news of what is happening in Barcelona. This week we take thought about people who come to Barcelona not just...

14th Mar 2014
2014-03-14 11_31_09-Zurich Marató de Barcelona __________

Marathon of Barcelona – a story that happened once

Just two days left before the most important Marathon of Barcelona starts. It’s a famous one for sure, but does anybody know its history? How was it? Who was behind it?...