23rd May 2014

The best restaurants Halal in Barcelona

The last week we’ve been talking about Arabian food , where is coming from and what kind of plates you can try. Today we would like to show you a...

11th Oct 2013

Barcelona’s old beer factory: Moritz

The Moritz factory after almost 10 years of remodeling was opened to everybody as a gastronomic center in Barcelona.  This old factory now represents a festival of food and drink....

22nd Aug 2013

3 vegetarian restaurants you must visit in Barcelona

Hello there! How is your summer going on? We always try to think about all our guests and trying to find out the information they will appreciate. Our blog is...

04th Jan 2013
Can Culleretes restaurant Barcelona

Can Culleretes Restaurant Barcelona

C/ Quintana 5 ( Telf 93.3173022) 10 minutes walk from Hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona The rambling dining rooms at the “house of teaspoons” have been packing’em in since 1786,...