One cultural weekend in Barcelona

Are you going to visit Barcelona soon and you are looking for interesting places or events for the weekend? To find some cool and cozy places in Barcelona is easier than you thought.

Well, you can start with authentic cultural finding in Museum of Picasso. The first and the unique exhibition of Picasso Self-portraits. How did he see himself? Probably it’s too difficult to answer but surely you could find a part of his conception thank to this exhibition. It is an unprecedented collection of paintings where Picasso showed himself. Moreover this exhibition shows almost all his trajectory from his childhood until almost the year of his death. Parts of his biography, his thoughts are reflected in every of the canvases. The exhibition ‘Yo Picasso. Autoretratos’ is waiting for you in Barcelona city untill the 1st of September.

"Sopars amb estrelles"

What could be better to have a romantic dinner after a long day of museum and highlights? And what place could be better than the Fabra Observatory, a space that fuses original gastronomy and astronomy. So between 14th of July and 28th of September you can enjoy the best dinner ever called “Sopars amb Estrells” (catalan trans). They offer an exquisite menu with typical salmorejo soup, chicken stuffed with apricots and green tea ice cream on chocolate meteorites. Isn’t delicious? After dinner you will explore every corner of the Observatory, then attend an interesting conference and finally see the night sky with telescopes.

Have a marvelous weekend!

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