Custo Barcelona

How and when did Custo Barcelona start?

custo barcelona

The Dalmau brothers, Custo and David,  created Custo Barcelona in the early 80’s after a long trip which they travelled all around the world. This fact made them to discover new landscapes and a variety of different arts, cultures and philosophical expressions.

The brothers got very impressed to the Californian T-Shirt style, the psychedelic surfers from the south of this region of the States and the colorful and innovating trends . This type of shirt was not in Spain on those days. Using this as a start point , the Dalmau launched the “Custo line”. They got to work and learned everything about printing techniques & finishings, paying special attention to graphic design , a field that they particularly were comfortable.

Custo Barcelona Adress
La Rambla 120 , Telf: 93 3014495

Custo Outlet : Plaça de les Olles( 3 minutes walk from hotel Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona )


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