El Born Barcelona

born quarter barcelonaThe atmosphere of el Born recalls that of London Soho

This neigbourhood it’s just 3 minutes walk from the Hotel Duquesa de Cardona.

Few areas in Barcelona have such a tumultuous history as the distric of El Born. Its name, of enigmatic origin for most Barcelonans, means “the lists” or tilting ground. It dates from long ago when the place was used to hold jousts or medieval tournaments. Its streets witnessed several centuries of vitality ( 13th and 14th ), coinciding with the peak of Catalonia’s maritime expansion and trading activity in the Mediterranean, as well as times of decadence ( 18th century ) and of recovery ( 19th and 20th), until it became today’s vibrant centre of culture, fashion and art, and a focus of new trends and creativity. This fascinating and quite beautiful place, marked by its unique architecture, is the “cool spot” in the city and its atmosphere recalls that of London’s soho district. A few centuries back, when the fiefs gave way to the burgs, El Born became the centre of Barcelona. Here they held the city’s most important markets and fairs. From the 13th to the 18tj century, El Born was also the place where the crafts serving the aristocrazy were concentrated. Naturally enough, many of the streets names bear witness to this: Argenteria (  Silversmiths ), Vidrieria ( Glaziers), Espaseria ( swordsmiths), Mirallers ( Mirrormakers), etc

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