Festes de Gracia

Les festes de Gracia born in a small village peasant in the 19th century as mutates extraordinary village of artisans , workers and small traders. It was more defined in a more civic than religious , under the impulse of many workers and recreational entities of Barcelona.
The party has a duration of a week with exhibitions, activities , sports, parades, workshops, dance, theather..  In the streets and squares you can attend concerts of jazz , rock, classic music meanwhile you try some of the specilities of the catalan street cuisine.

The most astonishing part of the celebration is indeed the decoration of some of the streets, always attending to a theme: lights from the balconies of the buildings, coloures figure papers imitating an aquarium, or Star wards, the sky, or whatever the imagination of the neighbours of that street has decided to dedicate their time during that year.

Worth it to pay a visit! If you are in Barcelona during that time, and you are staying with us at the Duquesa de Cardona hotel, we will forward the festivities program at reception to be able to enjoy your own Festes de Gracia

Quarter: Gracia
Metro line: Fontana
10 minutes walk from La Pedrera


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  • Travelling is , in part of it, to get close to the locals and do what they do in their day by day. Les Festes de Gracia in Barcelona are an excellent oportunity to experiment the city as a local would do in summer!

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