Fiesta Major de Gracia: 15 days left

We start counting the days before the greatest “fiesta” of the year. All the locals are waiting for 15 of august to begin celebrating Fiesta de Gracia. As we said it’s the most popular here in Barcelona and people who live in Gracia district start preparing the decorations 3 month before. So you just can imagine how much does this celebration means for citizens.

Well, the idea of this celebration is simple but creative. Some month before the celebration neighbors of different streets in Gracias meet to decide a theme they will choose for their street. Every year you can find something different. That is a reason of this competition – do not repeat.

This is really magical, the feeling you are a walking in a Star Wars or in the American Wild West movie. So if you are in Barcelona from 15th to 21th of August don’t miss Fiesta Major de Gracia. Especially the first day it is when the winner is chosen. If you don’t have enough time go directly to the Carrer de Verdí and Carrer de Joan Blanques they seem to be winners almost every year.

Have a nice trip!

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