Girona, a wonderful city in the North of Catalonia

Why Europe is so beautiful you asking? We think the Middle Ages made a significant print in the history of Europe. Small towns surrounded by forts and defensive walls  that was made so good that nowadays our generation has a great opportunity to see “how it was”. Here in Catalonia, close to Barcelona we have some interesting places, some towns with a significant print of medieval era. One of these places is Gerona.

We invite you to visit this marvelous city in just 140km from Barcelona city and enjoy an Old Town and the famous “Muralla de Gerona” (defensive wall of Gerona).  The historic town of Gerona is one of the most interesting in Catalonia and permits to travel through more than 2.000 years of history. It starts with the roman foundation up to the expansion of the defensive wall in XIV & XV centuries.  Walking around Gerona you´ll find the impressive old Jewish Quarter, beautiful streets and some buildings in Noucentisme style by Rafael Masó.

To make the walk through ages more interesting and exciting visit a Roman walls. The longest Carolingian walls in Europe (X century) will stroll you along and don’t foget to make stops on towers which offering you an excellent panoramic views.

Gerona is a perfect place to visit all year around and Duquesa de Cardona hotel will be glad to make your stay even better.

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