How to move in Barcelona

The first thing you have to know about a new travel destination you’re going to visit is how you are going to move there. What kind of transport should I use? Which combinations should I take? How much does is cost? Well, if you are asking yourself these kinds’ of questions, you should continue reading.

First of all, and probably the most used transport in the city is a metro. TMB is the company who is behind the metro and also all the buses of Barcelona. Barcelona has 13 metro lines marked with different colors and, an amount of bus lines, including Montjuic line and the Touristic Bus.

But, if you‘re looking for the best way to visit some towns near Barcelona (what we recommend you) you have 2 options depending on the place you’ve planned to visit.

  1. FGC has 3 different lines. If you want to go to Montserrat, you have to take one of 3 lines, more surely Llobregat – Anoia!
  2. Renfe has a lot of lines to many destinations. If you want to go to La Costa Brava, Sitges, Tarragona… and also to La Vall de Núria you need to go with Renfe.

Well,  we leave you all the options that you could use to move in Barcelona. You can visit lots of things in the city but also outside. Everything is absolutely fantastic! So, if you have one day off and you don’t know what to visit, tell us in the front desk of our hotel and we will help you!

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