It’s time to go for a picnic!

With such a good weather you probably are excited to fill a basket with delicious food, snacks and a bottle of wine. It’s not necessary spend money on gasoline to go for a picnic in Barcelona. We are happy to show 3 perfect places to make a picnic.

First and a famous one is a Park of Ciutadella, in the heart of the city close to the beach, to the old town and it’s huge with enough space for everyone who decided to go for a picnic. To prove how big it is, just imagine  that it includes one zoo, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the building of the Parliament of Catalonia, a school, a church, a lake and a kiosk with live music program.


Park Laberint d’Horta is another one unique place for visiting and also nice for a picnic with your friends or family. This historic garden situated in Horta-Guinardó neighborhood is the oldest preserved in the city. The park features a neoclassical garden of the eighteenth century and nineteenth century romantic garden. Besides the maze, the park has other elements such as family palace, fountains, a waterfall and different sculptures with motifs from Greek mythology.

Park of Creueta del Coll was built in 1987 by architects Josep Martorell and David Mackay, in an old quarry. The main attraction of the park is a large lake (the neighbors used to bathe in summer) and a sculpture by Eduardo Chillida, Eulogy to Water.

Have fun in Barcelona and always remember that we’re more than happy to see you in our hotel!

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