Make the best surprise to your couple on St. Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Do you already know where to pass the most romantic day in the year? Well, probably you think in Paris but we have a good and very interesting alternative. It’s quite warmer than in Paris, there’s almost always sunny weather, good food, charming places and a beautiful beach. Surely you know we’re talking about…Barcelona city!

Copia de junior-suite-barcelona

To be close to the most popular beach in Europe which is Barceloneta we can offer you a special romantic package. Supreme Je T’aime will be unbelievable experience in our hotel’s exclusive 48m2 Junior Suite, style avantgarde and balcony overlooking Passeig Colom. If you want to impress your couple you can do it taking your breakfast at our terrace with views over the sea port.

C-. Petons 11.13Walk on the beach could be the perfect start of the day. Walking along the promenade in Barcelona could be a perfect way to pass the time before the romantic dinner. The Passeig de Colom that surrounds the Port Vell is especially nice; also it’s a great opportunity to enjoy some of the famous architecture works in the city.

After the beach we would like to recommend you one very special place. It could be a great surprise for your couple. There is one street in Born (La Ribera) neighborhood with very cute and romantic name – Carrer dels Petons. This name in Catalan means The Street of Kisses. It’s so cute, isn’t it? Of course, the name has a magic history behind it. The legend said that in this street those who were sentenced to death for ever met their friends and family to say good bye, just before to start the irreversible way towards the esplanade of the Citadel. Even though the legend has an unhappy end, this street is fool of love. Prove it!


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