Make your dreams come true with a cruise tour around the world.

What could be better than making your dreams come true in New Year Eve? Wouldn’t you like to be sailing through the seven seas exploring five continents? Surely you would. You still have this chance to start a new year with lots of new and unforgettable moments visiting 37 points around the world.

Costa Cruises,  Around the World Cruise from BArcelona to Singapore

The next January, 8 of 2014 Costa Cruises gives you the opportunity to make the around world tour on board of Costa Deliziosa. In other words, Costa invites you to perceive all the beauty of the world following footsteps of the great explorers as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and James Cook.

The first part of the cruise is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the Wonders of the New World. It seems that during 28 days, starting in Barcelona and up to Los Angeles, you´ll visit all the places he discovered many years ago: Madeira, the West Indies, St. Lucia, Granada, Aruba, Curacao, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico.

The second part, as you can guess will be related with James Cook and the Secrets of the Southern Hemisphere. Starting in Los Angeles and finishing in Singapore you´ll see: Hawaii, Honolulu, Samoa, Suva, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

starting in Barcelona wordl cruise on board of Costa Deliziosa

And the cruise ends with a stretch related with Marco Polo and Perfume of Species. “The East is a delicate matter” and you could confirm it visiting during 32 days such countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, UAE and Egypt. After the entire cruise route ends in Europe with a port calls in Rome and Savona in Italy.

Don’t miss this chance and take advantage of visiting Barcelona during The Three Kings which is celebrating on January, 6 evening. Make your holidays completely marvelous booking one of our rooms and be close to the sea port and to your dream journey.

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