Medes Islands

The Medes Islands (Isle de Medes) are an archipelago of several islets covering one nautical mile of sea.

This small and craggy group of seven islets is located about a mile from L’Estartit in the extension of Montgrí Mountain in the sea.
The Medes Islands (declared Marine Reserve in 1990), is the only protected marine area in Catalonia.
They have ben a waypoint for various civilizations since antiquity, and a haven for pirates in medieval times.
Due to the high salinity, the vegetation of the islands is very poor, but it’s perfect for the birds. But the greatest wealth is under water, with multiple areas of low, medium and high depth, leads to an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna.
The Access to the islands is restricted. You can go on a glass bottom boat that start from Estartit, L’Escala and Roses.There are also small group tours designed for beginners, to observe the flora and fauna of the first meters below sea level with the help of glasses and immersion tube.

From Barcelona to Medes Islands, is a bit more than 1 hour by car, it’s a very interesting experience, because while you are diving it seems like you are in an underwater cathedral!

The protected Medes Islands marine reserve.

Medas Islands are considered a top Mediterranean dive spot.


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