Meet Barcelona’s gastronomy festival “Tast a la Rambla”

If you are staying in Barcelona this weekend don’t miss a new event what will transform the main street of Barcelona La Rambla in a gastronomic avenue. Only three days 12-15 of June you have an opportunity to meet 42 restaurants in one place. More over some of them have a Michelin stars what makes it even more attractive.

Tapas en Barcelona

 As we commented before, there will be 42 restaurants, among them:

Signature cuisine: Saüc ( by Xavier Franco), Fonda España (by Núria Borràs and Albert Antín), Dos Palillos ( by Albert Raurich), Tickets (by  Albert Adrià), Taverna del Clínic (by Toni Simoes),etc.

Traditional cuisine: Suculent ( Carles Abellán), Petit Comitè ( Nandu Jubany) , Casa Paloma ( Jordi Gotor), La Cuina del D.O ( Pere Moreno)

Tapas: L`Eggs ( Paco Pérez), Bodega 1900 ( Pedro Asensio) , Mont Bar ( Ivan Castro) , El Filete Ruso ( Enric Milla)

Pastisseries: Canal ( Xavier Canal), Oriol Balaguer ( Orieol Balaguer), Baixas ( Núria Baixas), Bubó ( Carles Mampel).

To try some of them, you should buy a ticket in one of 20 ticket offices situated right at La Rambla. One tapas have a cost of 4,50€, if you buy 4 tapas it will cost 16 euros and a beer for 2€.

Go and try the best of Barcelona!


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