New exhibition openings in Barcelona

It’s not a secret Barcelona has a great variety of museums, galleries and art spaces. And it’s been a long time we didn’t mention this kind of activities. For those who tread on the art galleries and museums during the week, especially on Thursday, fans of the openings and challengers of collectors. These are the latest exhibitions to add up to the artistic agenda of Barcelona. Make a note!

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 Faces & Places

Mitter – the design studio based in Barcelona is known for its colors and fonts and close collaboration with each of the brands and companies they work with. They invite you to visit this exhibition dedicated to the graphic arts and design.

Love & Dead

It’s a trip to the land of death, sensuality and ephemeral made by illustrator Conrad Roset. The walls of Vinçon gallery-shop have served for the new exhibition of this artist who after a figurative stage decomposed bodies, constructed from colored spots.


Silence shapes

Italian photographer Filippo Minelli lands in Barcelona, to be exact in a famous Loewe Gallery. Smoke bombs like those used in demonstrations and political protests are one of the Minelli’s tools; the photographer uses unusual colors and romantic landscapes for these bursts of color infused with violence and silence.

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