Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona


parc ciutadella barcelona

East of La Ribera and north of la Barceloneta, the gentle Parc de la Ciutadella makes a fine antidote to the noise and bustle of the city.


After the War of the Spanish Succession, Felipe V built a huge fort ( La Ciutadella) to keep watch over Barcelona. Only in 1869 did the government allow its demolition, after which the site was turned into a park and used to host the Universal Exhibition of 1888.

The monumental Cascada near the Passeig de les Pujades entrance was created between 1875 and 1881 by Josep Fontserè, with the help of a young Antoni Gaudí. It’s a dramatic combination of classical statuary, rugged rocks, greenery and thundering water.

Southeast, in the fort’s former arsenal, is the regional Parlament de Catalunya and the south end of the park is occupied by the Zoo of Barcelona.

Next to the park we also find: Museo de Geologia, Museo de Zoologia, The Castell dels tres Dragons and Arc de Triomf.

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