Plaça Sant Felip Neri and Plaça del Rei

Close to the Cathedral, is an unmissable highlight of any stroll around the Gothic Quarter, although ironically most visitors do miss it. The historical heritage site that is the Plaça del Rei is probably the part of the Gothic Quarter that best exemplifies Barcelona’s medieval past. The Palau Reial Major and the building that surround it form the sides of a harmonious and peaceful square that still seems to give off echoes of the middle ages. The predominant style is Gothic, although there are remnants of the city’s Visigothic and Roman pasts on dispolay in the building’s foundations. Inside the palace, the Tinell Hall with its rows of semi-circular arches was the place where the Catholic kings welcomed Chistopher Columbus on his return from discovering the Americas.

On one side of the square is the Casa Clariana-Padellàs, now the home of hte history of the City of Barcelona museum, which allows the visitor to get a close look at the remains of the city’s roman past

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