Rolex Barcelona

The legendary Swiss watchmaker has chosen the Catalan capital, Barcelona for his first foray into our country. The store follows the guidelines of other Rolex boutiques scattered around the world, with beige leather paneling, hardwoods for furniture, green marble on the floor and bronze shades winking the signature logo.

Some facts about Rolex:

The Rolex made the first waterproof luxury watches.They have over 1,000 patents in horology (the science of measuring time). Rolex makes 800,000 watches per year, and they sell every luxury watchesthey make. There is a letter in front of their serial numbers on every fine watches made since 1987. This letter indicates the year that the Wrist watches was produced. A quick search on the Web can produce the list if you are curious as to which letter corresponds with which year. Rolex makes some of the most accurate watches in all the world. Each watch’s chronometer is independently and professionally certified.They rely on four thousand watchmakers in over one thousand countries.

Location: Avinguda Pau Casals, 16

Contact Number: 93 209 99 10

The only Rolex Shop in Spain

Barcelona Rolex Boutique

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