Serralada de Marina, Serralada Litoral and el Montnegre i el Corredor Parks

Serralada Litoral Barcelona


A series of low mountain formations run parallel to the coast north of Barcelona. Three parks linked one after the other provide an extended area for who like hiking, mountain biking or Nordic walking. Wide paths offer views over the azur sea or the nearest vineyards. Dolmens, Iberian settlements, chapels, ancient castles and watchtowers  crown the highest points.

Such is the case of the Iberian settlement of Puig Castellar created by the tribe of the Laietans, whose heydey lasted since  VI century b.C. until II century b.C. ; and the monastery of  Sant Jeroni de la Murta, built in the Gothic style in the early XV century, located in Serralada de Marina Park, Barcelona.

Intresting places like Roca d’en Toni, a Dolmen roc, discoverd in 1904; the Chapel of Sant Mateu on the top of the mountain founded by romans; and Burriac Castle that was build on a defense tower in 1017, that are located in Serralada Litoral Park, Barcelona.

And finally in Montnegre i el Corredor Park,  there are two Dolmen rocks “Pedra Gentil” and “Pedra Arca”, that are  from immemorial time places connected with witches and covens, nowadays there are still different magical practices!



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