Tapas in Barcelona: choose the right ones

Tapas, sometimes called pinchos, are small snacks that originated in Andalusia in the 19th century to accompany sherry.Stemming from a bartender’s practice of covering a glass with a saucer or tapa ( cover ) to keep out flies, the custom progressed to a chunk of cheese or bread being used, and the to a few olives being places on a platter to accompany a drink. Once free of charge, tapas are usually paid for nowadays , and a selection makes a delicious light meal. Choose from a range of appetizing varieties, from cold meats to elaborately prepared hot dishes of meat, seafood or vegetables.

Even a small village will have at least one bar where the locals go to enjoy drinks, tapas and conversation with friends. On Sundays and holidays, favourite place are packed with whole families enjoying the fare. In larger towns it is customary to move from bar to bar, sampling the specialities of each. A tapas is a single serving, where as a “ración” is similar to an entrée-sized portion. Tapas are usually eaten standing of perching on a stool at the bar rather that sitting at a table, for which a surcharge is usually made


PATATAS BRAVAS is a piquant dish of fried potatoes with a spicy red sauce

ALMENDRAS FRITAS are fried, salted almonds
CALAMARES FRTITOS are squid rings and tentacles which have been dusted with flour before being deep fried in olive oil. They are usually served garnished with a piece of lemon
BANDERILLAS  are canapes skewered on toothpicks. The entire canape should be eaten at once
JAMON SERRANO is salt-cured ham dried in mountain ( serrano ) air.
ALBONDIGAS ( meat balls ) are a hearty tapa, often served with a spicy tomato sauce
SALPICÓN DE MARISCOS  is a luxurious cold salad of assorted fresh seafood in a zesty vinaigrette.
GAMBAS A LA PLANCHA is a simple but flavourful dish of grilled prawns
TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA is the ubiquitous Spanish omelette of onion and potato bound with egg
POLLO AL AJILLO consists of small pieces of chicken ( often wings ) sautéd and then simmered with a garlic sauce
QUESO MANCHEGO  is a sheep’s-milk cheese from La Mancha
PIMIENTOS DE PADRÓN Small green peppers which are occasionally hot
CHISTORRA is a spicy sausage
CHOPITOS are cuttlefish fried in batter
CALAMARES A LA ROMANA are fried swuid rings
BOQUERONES are anchovies
PINCHOS MORUNOS are pork skewers, usually with a curry taste
CROQUETAS are croquettes of ham, cod or chicken, with a bechamel sauce and fried with breadcrumbs

croquetas de jamon tap


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