The Antique Modernist Hospital converts into I+D center of Barcelona

Probably you even haven’t idea what we are talking about. Even though Sant Pau Hospital is a famous modernist and artistic “pearl” and not everyone who comes to Barcelona knows about it. Close to the temple of Sagrada Familia, just in 10 minutes walking up the Gaudi Avenue you can find an authentic beauty as Sant Pau Hospital is.


During 4 years this building was under construction when hundreds persons were working hard to get back its architectural origins. Thanks to all those magic transformations, the Modernist enclosure became a new point of reference in the city of Barcelona which as well coexist history and innovation.

A new version of Sant Pau Hospital will represent a new center of knowledge, research and development in health, sustainability and education, institutions and leading companies in these fields to work on shared initiatives.

Within the new modernist center will be some centers like: the United Nations University (UNU), World Health Organization (WHO), the European Forest Institute (EFI), the Àsia Home, Network World Water Operators (GWOPA), the Resilient Cities Programme of UN-Habitat and the Global University Network for Global Innovation (GUNI).

And the most important for you and us as the fact this part of Sant Pau Hospital will also be open to tourist visits in a range between 8 and 14 Euros for visit and free for locals.

So don’t miss it in your next trip to Barcelona.

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