The Ebro Delta


The Ebro Delta is the main wetland in Catalonia ( 320 square kilometres) and the second of the Iberian peninsula in extension, not far away from Barcelona.

The earth was formed by the secular entrainment of material transported by the river. The Ebro Delta is in fragile balance and is at the expense of the sea to recover the lost territory, as soon as it stops contributing sludge that have made it grow.
The large wetland, with it’s rice, wild beaches covered with dunes, flat spaces as the palm of the hand, offers an extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna in land and sea. Contemplate the fantastic flight of flamingos while the sun sets – from Trabucador or from some other point is a show that can be hardly forgotten.

Until recent decades, people took advantage of the lower Ebro River as a normal mean of transport. Shallow draft boats plied the River with an important traffic of some goods like oranges rice and others, taking advantage of when it was windy. Not far from the Delta River there is the town Amposta and a medieval castle of Miravet.



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