The Empire of Tarraco

tarraco romana

In Roman times it was a city of prime importance for the Empire and the city still preserves an exceptionally wealth of monuments.
In the Middle Age, the new Christian city was builded on top of the stones and roman constructions.
The upper part of Tarraco, is a hill of 69 meters above sea level, where is the ancient monumental center of the Roman era, enclosed by walls. There are the main roman ruines and the most important museums.
The ancient walls that enclosed the upper part of Tarraco were built in the III century BC. Next to the ancient walls, runs the streetPasseig Arqueologic”  great for the statues that adorn it like Augustus or the Capitoline wolf .
Near the museum, remain the rests of the Roman circus and on top of them, the Provincial Forum, that occupy the entire upper part of the city. Better luck has run the circus, built in the late first century for racing chariots and charioteers.
In the amphitheater (I century AD), emblem of the city, were celebrated the combats of gladiators and fights with wild beasts.
On the outskirts of Tarragona we find the Pont del Diable, or Ferreres aqueduct. It was built under Emperor Augustus (I century) and it provided water from Francolí river to Tarraco.
In Tarragona there are many places, museums, streets and emblematic monuments to visit. Tarragona is not far away from Barcelona and it’s a great place where you can spend one day or more.

anfiteatro romano tarraco

The amphitheater of Tarraco

puente de tarraco

Aqueduct of Tarraco

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