The Night of Sant Joan in Barcelona 2014

When the Night of Sant Joan comes to Barcelona the city converts into a huge celebration with fireworks and fun. Is the famous Verbena or Revetlla de Sant Joan as they call it in Catalan. The celebration actually has started a couple of days ago, you can hear like people are exploding firecrackers preparing for the great night of 23 to 24 of June. It seems that the night of 23 to 24 is the longest one and for Catalans it means that the summer officially has started.

Sant Joan

This celebration is suitable for all ages, the kids have fun exploding firecrackers, and teens go out this their friends and the oldest one used to neighborhood’s open-air dance.

According to this tradition the night of Sant Joan is perfect to stay with your family and friends. The most of neighborhoods of Barcelona take an advantage to organize an open-air dance in the streets or small squares of Barcelona, or even at the beach of Barceloneta. At the open-air dance you will have a lot of fun, dancing and eating a famous Coca de Sant Joan.

There are many types of coca, but the original is made with cream and candied fruits. Then there is another typical coca called “coca de llardons” as we call it in Barcelona. And the last tip:  do not forget to eat it with a glass of cava.

There is a saying in Catalonia that says “Who lights a bonfire at night of Sant Joan will not be burn all year long” maybe it’s true or false, but we assure you that this is the best day to do it. Fire is the most important symbol of this cerebration, represents purity; they say if you burn something in the bonfire of Sant Joan it purifies your soul and sins. So it is not surprising that this party is also known as the Night of the Witches, as it has a pagan origin. On the other hand, we find that “You have to bathe in Sant Joan night and you’ll be healthy during all the year.” So go to celebrate the festival at Barcelonena beach close its famous open-air dance and just 10 minutes walk from hotel Duquesa de Cardona!

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