Three kings and King’s Cake

The tradition of the Three Kings is one of the most beautiful during the holidays, loved by everyone, especially by children, who spent months waiting for the morning of the January, 6 the only day when they get up early.


The Magi, or Wise Men or just Kings are, according to the New Testament, some magicians guided by a star, and who brought gifts to Jesus. These gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. This celebration is very famous in Catalonia and in Spain generally. As well you can hear about it in some countries like Germany or Switzerland in Europe and in all the Latin America.

According to tradition, the Three Kings are:

Melchior, the white king has hair and beard long and completely white, was wearing a robe colored hyacinth and orange cape. Despite being the youngest of the three kings he looks older, because according to the legend the child Jesus punished him for unnecessary displays of strength and youth.

Gaspar is a blond King beautiful and young, his skin is white and pink, and his hair is brown. He dressed as Melchior the Gothic style, wearing an orange tunic and red cape. Gaspar is of Asian origin, and makes offerings of incense to Jesus.

Balthasar the black King, dressed in the style of the Arabs, wearing a red robe and white marbled coat he has African origin, and his offering to Jesus was myrrh. In ancient icons does not appear as black because it wasn’t synonymous with Christian and a magician could be conceived unfaithful.

In addition to all the gifts people, especially children receive this day they eat a King’s cake known here as a “rascón de los Reyes”. The Kings’ cake is a typical ring made ​​of puff pastry or some other kind, and filled with marzipan, candied fruit, nuts and powdered sugar on top and decorated with a golden crown in the center of the pie. The standard size is 50 inches in diameter and always has a surprise inside, exactly a figure of King. Who find it first will have a happy year.

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