cathedral Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter and the Cathedral of Barcelona

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

The historic center of the city of Barcelona is right behing our hotel. 

The former structure of this quarter remained till the 19th century, and today, in between the narrow streets and little squares, some of the more authentic spots seems like the time has been freed in the medium age.

Santa Eulàlia Cathedral, gothic style, la Plaça del Rei Square and the archives of the catalan-aragonesian crown, the Plaça Reial square and its coffe bars and restaurants, la Plaça Sant Jaume square and the Palau de la Generalitat town hall, and of course, the roman wall still reminds us the origin of Barcino.

Cathedral of Barcelona

Constructed in 1298, is one of the superlative and expansive celebrations of Barcelona architecture. The spectacular façade, the intricate attention to details and its true magnitude make The Cathedral a centerpiece in Barcelona. At the end of the 19th century was introduced the Neo-Gothic style. The vivid stained-glass windows reflect the passages of the News and Old Testament, whilst the Apostles, etched into the walls of the cathedral, represent the history of Catholicism. The most intriguing features of the inside are the chapels of the Holy Christ of Lepanto and Santa Llucia